who, when a mechanic was based in the UK in his F1 days. In fact he still lives in France in the off-season. Location is a bit different when you are a commentator and the TV company you work for don't send you to the actual races » 12/24/14 12:35am 12/24/14 12:35am

As a livery designer, I'd say at least every 3rd project request is 'something like Martini/Gulf/Marlboro" :) ....or I want an iconic livery.

An iconic livery is not necessarily Chevrons, Red and Blue stripes.

It will be a clean distinctive livery which a team will use for years to become iconic. The success of many… » 12/20/14 1:04pm 12/20/14 1:04pm

Ha! Every year I goto SEMA to try and spot the latest trends and fashions (its a fashion show after all), but every year its gets harder to find those gems. With more OEM's at the show, finding cool builds by individuals and smaller shops are more likely to be found outside (which is open to the public)

Its been said… » 11/14/14 6:44pm 11/14/14 6:44pm